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For our games of Witchfinder General: Days of Revelation we use figures and supplies from the following quality companies.

Heresy make superb vampires, werewolves, hellhounds (as barguests), ghouls (as noctelinger) and all manner of great  figures..

Musketeers, Pikemen, Cavalry , Dragoons, Clubmen, Cannon and Petard Teams suitable as Witchfinders or Blinders. Excellent ECW range.

Phenomenal range of ECW figures suitable for all forces used in the game. Foundry also make great vampires, apothecaries, witches and familiars

The company that produce the hangman and gibbet with hanging prisoner. Redoubt also make a fantastic selection of other ECW figures. Their Clubmen make ideal Angry Villagers

Fantastic selection of books that are of interest to the wargaming community.

Varied range of battlefield terrain suitable for 17th Century tabletop warfare.

Have a look at their Discworld range of figures. Great selection of Witches and other suitable figures.

Excellent selection of Witches and other figures. suitable for games of  Witchfinder General.

Stunning selection of buildings and terrain for your 17th Century battlefield.

Varied selection of superb figures that can be used for Witchfinder and fantasy or sci-fi games.

Quality resin scenics and accessories for all kinds of wargaming plus and a growing selection of great figures.

Witchfinder General Games Day 2013 Photos
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The Wicker Man

Maleficium Preview

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